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Does life feel like it is getting on top of you?

Are you haunted by negative thoughts from the past or anxious about the future?
Feeling stressed for no apparent reason?
Suffering from cluttered or circular thoughts?
Troubled by negative emotions?
Finding it difficult to cope with the demands to today's world?

These are cases of the mind playing truant!

Could you benefit from taming your truant mind?

Treating the symptoms of stress is not the best answer to managing stress. It is far better to unravel the causes of stress. Unhappiness arises in the mind and it's the mind that we need to work on. After all, no happiness is quite like a mind that is at peace.

For the mind to achieve peace, it needs to understand things as they are - not from cognitive thinking but through the practice of mindfulness meditation. Too much thinking depletes your energy, physically and mentally. One cannot resolve a troublesome thought with more thoughts. Instead one needs to be mindful of one's thought and see it through from beginning to end without identifying with it. Only then can one realise that there is no need to brush away or reject an unwanted thought. Simply be mindful of it. It will soon work its way out.

Mindfulness meditation needs to be applied to all activities, not just in sitting crossed-legs alone. The way you walk, for example, can tell the state of mind that you are in. And by changing the way you walk, you can change your state of mind. Mindfulness walking meditation helps you achieve this. The more mindful you are, the better your focus will be. This, in turn, helps the mind to develop wisdom to see things according to the way things are, enabling the mind to naturally let go of negative thoughts and lessen the mind-chattering habit. If you have problems going to sleep, you may like to try lying down mindfulness meditation techniques. Or, if you tend to overeat, you may benefit from mindfulness eating exercise.

My name is Kamontip Evans. I am a consultant in stress management, a trainer in mindfulness meditation in Richmond, East Sheen, Kew, Barnes, Mortlake, Putney, Twickenham. I am also the author of Taming the Truant Mind: How Mindfulness Will Free You From Troublesome Thoughts and Emotions, published in 2016. My practice is in southwest London and within easy reach of central London. See My Services.

To book an appointment in Richmond, please call: 020-8408 1000. For more information on taming the truant mind and mindfulness training, please call 07908 410 427.

Listen to your mind, watch your mind, understand your mind... for peace of mind!

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