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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mindfulness meditation?

Though it is part of Buddhist practice, mindfulness itself is non-religious. It offers several techniques to help focus and calm the mind while standing, walking, sitting ,eating and lying down. As a matter of fact, you can be mindful in whatever you do - as long as you know how. More importantly, mindfulness helps us to develop wisdom to understand things as they are.

Do I have to make my mind go blank for hours?

No. You don't make the mind go blank. You can't stop thoughts and feelings. They arise on their own accord. You simply need to be mindful of them and they will disappear accordingly.

There are many mindfulness coaching courses, how do I know which one to choose?

Indeed! Some of the courses which claim to be mindfulness are not mindfulness at all but visualisation techniques. Being mindful means that you know what you are doing, thinking, feeling in the present moment. You keep your mind within the vicinity of your body, not wandering out there. Nor are you fantasising or daydreaming about being in the meadow or somewhere relaxing. You are in the present moment with the reality of what is actually happening, acknowledging that without judging it.

The ultimate aim of mindfulness practice is to free oneself from suffering. However, mindfulness that is taught outside monasteries, especially in the West, aims primarily to help relieve stress and has very often added yoga, visualisation and other techniques to it.

How long does it take to learn?

The techniques do not take long to learn but to master each step takes time and regular practice. You also need to learn how to look at and be mindful of your own thoughts, perceptions, feelings according to reality - to understand the true nature of things in order for the mind to naturally let go.

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Listen to your mind, watch your mind, understand your mind - for your peace of mind!

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